[section class=”text-left”][dropcap]Do you need a venue for your special occasion or to brainstorm your next business venture? The Restaurant @ Clos Malverne, a magnificently appointed lunchtime hotspot in the Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch, is a stylish extension of the Pritchard family’s hospitality, which now also welcomes private, tailor-made functions in the evenings.[/dropcap]
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Open daily for lunch, apart from Mondays, this gourmet destination in the heart of the Winelands, can be booked as a venue for exclusive parties, weddings and corporate soirees of up to 120 guests – day or night. A minimum of 40 guests are required to secure this increasingly popular culinary hotspot for a special function during the evenings. Download more info:pdf Functions 2019 @ Clos Malverne
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“Whether you want to host a cozy birthday soirée with deluxe canapés, impress the Boss, celebrate your graduation with friends or realize your fairy tale wedding…we have all the right ingredients to make your special celebration with family and friends or business acquaintances a memorable one. This includes the perfect Winelands setting with awe-inspiring views from our wraparound balcony blended with quality wines; sumptuous cuisine with an earthy sophistication; and a homely ambience,” shares Executive Chef Nadia Louw Smith. “Our staff takes great pride in giving each guest a sense of ownership and genuine Cape hospitality,” adds Nadia.
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