• Education in Action, in a fun way!

    Reaching future wine drinkers through a fun day out.

    The past weekend we were fortunate enough to have the University of Stellenbosch’s Tygerberg Campus, Wine Society, visit us here in the Valley.

    In a jovial fashion, the group of 30 strong students arrived on the farm, full of eager excitement to learn about the exciting world of wine.

    Before all the fun could begin, they had to learn a bit of history of Clos Malverne, where it all started, how we have evolved and where we are today. For to truly understand something you need to place yourself in the subject’s perspective. The story of Colonel Bellingham and the founding years; the first production of wine, to our anniversary of 30 years in 2015, was met with both interest and appreciation.

    Students listening to the Clos Malverne story

    Students listening to the Clos Malverne story

    The next item on the schedule was an Ice cream & Wine Pairing, presented by our    own head-honcho of wine, Amy Simmers. She explained the various flavour      combinations and why the particular wine pairs well with the choice of Ice cream. A   firm favourite among the crowd seemed to be peanut butter and banana ice cream    that goes with our Pinotage Reserve.

    Amy expanding minds

    Amy doing her thing

    The students undertook a guided vineyard & cellar tour to get a better    understanding of the various aspects of what goes into growing vines; the harvesting   process and the inner workings of a wine cellar. Here they were given the      opportunity to ask questions and engage, asking some pretty interesting and i  insightful things. We had to laugh when the question came: “so how many pineapples per tank do you use in your Sauvignon Blanc?”. A brief explanation on the subjects of varietal characteristics and terroir, resulted in amazed fascination.

    It was a fun-filled day of laughter, new understanding and hopefully a step towards reaching more young people as to raise the level of wine appreciation in our youth. At various wine industry forums it has been discussed and highlighted how important it is to educate people about wine, may this be a good way of reaching them!

    Fun in the cement kuipe

    Fun in the cement kuipe

    Should you wish to enquire about arranging a similar trip for your wine tasting group/business/family or friends, feel free to contact us on: info@closmalverne.co.za