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  • What’s new in the restaurant

    New menu; new pairings for the Autumn season

    Stellenbosch, with the arrival of a new season, we are delighted to announce several new developments at Clos Malverne. Imagine an idyllic setting, with a panoramic view of our vineyards and autumn inspired fare, which reflects on the season of change. With our new menu you will be intrigued and your senses tantalized by a myriad of flavour combinations.

    We part ways with old favourites to make room for a fresh line-up of beautiful culinary creations by Executive Chef Nadia Louw-Smith and her expert team of chefs. Not only does the new items on our menu’s, À la carte and Food & Wine pairing, look beautiful, it also brings a world of taste sensations and textures with it, that has never been tried before by our team. These options are available Tuesdays till Sundays and form the core of our offerings, providing for a nourishing day-trip out to Devon Valley.

    The Food & Wine Pairing Menu features easily manageable, bite-size portions of gourmet cuisine that features on the À la carte Menu, catering for those in search of variety and omnium gatherum. Consisting of four courses, two starters; a main and a dessert, each dish is carefully paired with a glass of complimenting Clos Malverne wine (red or white). Goats cheese croquette and Saldanha Bay Mussels with Sauvignon Blanc or Pulled Pork Asian Salad with our Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences

    “I am extremely excited by our new menu as the dishes are so varied and unique, quite different to what we have done in the past. The Confit of duck arancini is especially tantalizing, as the combination of thyme; cashew nuts and roasted onion sauce provides for a unique flavour and texture combination,” shares Nadia.

    Amidst the mains, meat lovers will rejoice to find Nadia’s Grilled Springbok Loin served with a mustard basting; cauliflower purée; sweet potato mash and seasonal vegetables from their own garden, bringing to the fore her ability to turn local cuisine into an international taste sensation. For those that live a vegetarian lifestyle, there is a Roasted Leek and Parmesan tart, with shaved parmesan; rocket salad and red pepper coulis, paired with our sensually soft Merlot.

    ice-cream-wine-pairing-clos-malverneOur signature Ice cream & Wine pairing mimics the changing shades of the leaves on the vines. Passion fruit and white chocolate turns to Preserved fig and lemon; toffee, almond and vanilla ice cream makes way for Saffron and Salted Caramel; strawberry and reduced balsamic twist shifts to Peanut butter and banana and last but not least, the peppermint choc-chip ice cream is replaced by Carrot cake and pecan nut. All these new flavours are paired with complimenting wines, selected via a blind tasting by the culinary team.

    Due to the nature of the transforming weather conditions, we are excited to introduce a brand new pairing option for the cooler days. Additional to the ice cream & wine pairing we will now be offering a pairing of a more savoury nature, an arancini & wine pairing. arancini and wine pairingThese stuffed and deep-fried risotto spheres will be available throughout the cooler seasons and it follows the same format as the ice cream & wine pairing, four different spheres, paired with four individual wines. Guests are invited to join us and explore this unique offering.

    The Restaurant @Clos Malverne is open from Tuesdays – Sundays for lunch and has developed a loyal fan base since opening its doors in 2009, for its contemporary cuisine and value for money dining experience.

    For more information regarding these menu items and limited offers, feel free to contact the estate via e-mail at info@closmalverne.co.za or at Tel (+27)21 865 2022. Menus can be downloaded directly from our website, https://www.closmalverne.co.za.The estate is reachable 08:00 – 17:00 weekly and 10:00 – 15:00 on weekends.

  • Suzanne on Harvest 2015

    With the last grapes of the current harvest reaching the cellar, Harvest 2015 draws to a close and another year of making exceptional wines begin.

    “This year’s harvest was certainly unique and different”, says winemaker Suzanne. “We experienced a decrease in the total yield, compared to previous years, especially on the red grapes”. “What is exciting however, is the quality of the grapes we received, small bunches with a great concentration in flavour. I am particularly excited with the prospects of the Sauvignon Blanc of 2015”, she continues. The harvest was distinguished by a relatively dry season, with minimal rain during the months of January to March, significantly easing the operation and lowering the risk of disease.

    vinesWith the adverse heating striking the Western Cape, the grapes had to be harvested on phenolic ripeness and not sugar levels.

    VinPro M.D, Rico Basson, echoed the sentiments of Harvest 2015 in his speech at the Wine and Fruit Industry Update, at De Grendel Wine Estate, near Cape Town:

    “While the 2015 South African wine grape harvest showed great promise, and domestic wine sales were at the highest level in 20 years, exports and wine producers’ and cellars’ profitability remained challenging. “Although it will be slightly smaller – close to 3% – than the record harvest in 2014, winemakers and viticulturists laud the 2015 harvest as one of remarkable quality throughout the cultivar spectrum,” he said.

    It was expected that the total wine grape harvest would reach cellars by the end of this month. The harvest kicked off two weeks earlier than normal, partly owing to a warmer August, followed by a dry and hot summer, which sped up ripening.

    The South African wine industry harvested close to 1.5-million tons of wine grapes, on average, for the production of about 900-million litres of natural wine a year. Exports represented 55% of natural wine sales, with the balance sold locally”.

    The first Clos Malverne wine of 2015’s harvest to be released will be the Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc towards the end of August.

    With all the grapes in the cellar, it’s off to prepare for harvest 2016!

  • Clos Malverne Does ProWein 2015

    Clos Malverne Does ProWein 2015: “Germany, Düsseldorf once again impressively underlined its reputation as a metropolis for the wine and spirits business: after three days of activity ProWein 2015 came to a very successful close on Tuesday, 17 March. 5,970 exhibitors from 50 nations featured in Düsseldorf. All major wine nations and cultivating regions were present in the nine exhibition halls – the “classics” from Europe and the New World as well as the more “exotic” on the international scene (like Bolivia and Armenia). No less varied was the line-up from the 420 spirits exhibitors from 30 countries. This spanned classy brandies and liqueurs through to national specialities and international classics”. – From www.prowein.com

    Clos Malverne was among this great number of exhibitors to highlight their products at this auspicious event. “Being the world’s largest wine and drinks exhibition, this endeavour requires serious planning”, according to winemaker Suzanne Coetzee. “Gone are the days of producers staffing their stands with the hopes that people will choose your product by mere chance. Meetings with key partners, existing and prospective, need to be arranged weeks in advance, as the show is of such short duration. It also offers producers the opportunity to connect with customers who are already familiar with our brand. It was great seeing the Bauer’s, regular visitors to the farm and restaurant while in South Africa, who subsequently joined us for a great dinner that evening”.

    prowein2Suzanne presented a further few tastings while in Germany, in Wiesbaden and Cologne respectively (after surviving a stressful episode of getting on the wrong train!), meeting up with many other loyal fans of Clos Malverne.

    “Running from one meeting to the next, with trade tastings in-between, leaves one with little opportunity to try some of the fabulous wines on display, and of the few I did try, my favourite was a Cabernet Franc from Chile”, says Suzanne.

  • Bike & Saddle


    Clos Malverne’s Bike & Wine Tour in Partnership with Bike & Saddle Continues to Grow in Popularity:

    Since its inception in 2013, this exciting endeavour has gone from strength-to-strength with ever more people deciding to explore the hidden gem of Stellenbosch in an environmentally responsible fashion.

    Hosted in conjunction with Bike & Saddle – Africa’s leading eco-active travel company.

    Clos Malverne’s Bike & Wine Tour is sheer pedal pleasure. It allows rookie riders and serious dirt hounds alike, to explore the scenic back roads of the valley, soak up the awe-inspiring views and indulge in a memorable wine and food experience.

    This exclusive trail meanders along a private 20-kilometre, mainly off-road path through the heart of the valley and the trip can be adapted to suit all levels of experience and fitness.

    It includes the soul-quenching outride; breath-taking views of the valley, and a three course lunch and a complimentary glass of wine at Clos Malverne’s award-winning restaurant. We are proud to be a certified Eco-Active Member (www.ecoactive.travel). We subscribe to the fact that it is far more healthy, enjoyable and carbon-positive to experience the Winelands by bike, under your own steam, burning carbs instead of carbon! As a result will happily convert your eco-miles earned into discounts on certain wine purchases from our cellar. “The great thing about this adventure is its flexibility. If you want to ride all day, go for it. If you want to potter around on your bike stopping at every vineyard for a look-and-see that is, also cool. And if you are a real wine aficionado, no worries, we will take you to the cellar faster than you can say Clos Malverne – and we have a recovery vehicle on standby!”

    Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Trips and Holidays:

    As a responsible and environmentally sustainable wine producer, we encourage you to consider exchanging your car for a bicycle! Not only in choosing your wine tour, but also as part of your every day lifestyle. An active lifestyle is good for your health, mind and body, and in turn contributes to a healthy society.”

    For more Information and Bookings contact Bike & Saddle:
    (Advance bookings are essential)

    Tel: 021-813 6433
    Email: info@bikeandsaddle.com
    Visit: www.bikeandsaddle.com



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