[section class=”text-left”][dropcap]Hosted in conjunction with Bike & Saddle – Africa’s leading eco-active travel company. Clos Malverne’s Bike & Wine Tour, is sheer pedal pleasure. It allows rookie riders and serious dirt hounds alike, to explore the scenic back roads of the valley, soak up the awe-inspiring views and indulge in a memorable wine and food experience.[/dropcap]
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mtbThis exclusive trail meanders along a private 20-kilometre, mainly off-road path through the heart of the valley and the trip can be adapted to suit all levels of experience and fitness. It includes the soul-quenching outride; breathtaking views of the valley, and a lunch at Clos Malverne’s award-winning restaurant.

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(Advance bookings are essential)
Tel: 021-813 6433

“Mountain biking does not always have to be about grinding your gears and eating dirt. This exclusive outing is designed to share with visitors a slice of our Devon Valley lifestyle and introduce them to the place we call home. John F. Kennedy once said ‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride’ and in this spirit, we invite you to come and hit the road with us,”
Suzanne Coetzee, winemaker at Clos Malverne
“The great thing about this adventure is its flexibility. If you want to ride all day, go for it. If you want to potter around on your bike stopping at every vineyard for a look-and-see that is also cool. And if you are a real wine aficionado, no worries, we will take you to the cellar faster than you can say Clos Malverne – and we have a recovery vehicle on standby!”
Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Trips and Holidays

More information about Bike & Saddle:

Bike & Saddle runs tailor-made, fully supported and one-of-a-kind, cycle, walking, hiking and kayaking trips across Southern Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean. From a 2-hour heritage and culture evening cycle of Africa’s
cities, to an incomparable Cycle Safari Holiday through the region’s premier nature and game reserves, they provide exclusive, luxury, hand-crafted active-holidays that blend the best in hospitality with iconic bio-diversity, scenic splendors, rich culture and invigorating activity.Visit their Home page at: www.bikeandsaddle.com

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